Veren Gyapersad

Clinical Psychologist

HPCSA Reg.: PS 0134430 | BHF Reg.: 0732400
B Soc Sci (UKZN)| BA Hons (UNISA | MA Clinical Psychology (UNISA)

" I am not what happened to me,
I am what I choose to become "
- Carl Jung

I am a Clinical Psychologist based in Paulshof, Sandton. I work with adolescents and adults, including individuals, couples and families facing a variety of difficulties. Some of my areas of interest include Mood Disorders (Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Mood Disorder), Stress, Psychosis, Personality Disorders, Loss, Relationship difficulties, Trauma and Personal Development, Low Self-image, General well-being / Life Stressors and Parental Guidance, among others.
Each and every person is unique, shaped by our own individual experiences, values, families, social groups and perceptions. Therefore, my approach to therapy is Integrative in nature, tailoring each session to the specific individual and their needs.
Given our chaotic work schedules, clients can be accommodated after general working hours so that finding time for your own process need not infringe on your already busy schedule. In addition, an online option is available.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up an appointment.



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Individual psychotherapy involves working primarily with the individual, collaborating to clarify the difficulties you may experience, as well as the management thereof. These may include, but are not limited to: General life stressors, Changes within your environment that may be difficult to manage, Difficulties in relationships, Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself / self growth, Difficulties with mood (anger, irritability, anxiety), Trauma (abuse, loss, hijackings, accidents etc), Psychosis, Psycho-education, Poor self-image, Phobias / fears, Work related difficulties.


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Relationships can sometimes veer off into unfamiliar, uncomfortable and confusing paths. Therapy therefore explores the couple relationship, problem areas, expectations, and areas of improvement that will aim to improve the overall relationship.


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Progressing from childhood to adulthood has proven to be a time of significant confusion, as well as development, both mentally and physically. As a result, some adolescents may experience difficulties in understanding and moving through this phase. Psychotherapy focuses on unpacking this process, gaining clarity and assistance in successfully navigating this developmental phase.

Workshops and Presentations

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Conducting workshops and presentations for groups or companies provides a platform in which the target audience has the opportunity to understand, explore, and implement skills learnt, both professionally and personally. Workshops can be tailored to your specific needs, be it to address specific problem areas, for general growth and development, or as conversational learning spaces.


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Given our complex and chaotic lives which generally revolve around the usual working hours, therapy need not be another task which needs to be crammed into our workday. Whether it be due to a busy work schedule, or for personal or logistical reasons, the option of conducting your session online is also available.


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Supervision to Psychology students, Intern Clinical Psychologists, those completing their community service, as well as Clinical Psychologists


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Various assessments can be conducted depending on your needs and requirements, such as personality assessments and IQ assessments. 

Schools / Companies

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Services for therapy or assessments are provided and tailored depending on the requests for various organizations such as schools, corporate companies and other businesses. These include debriefings for traumatic incidents, general therapy. wellness workshops, stress management, assessments for employee mental health screenings, as well as other interventions. These can be adapted to the organization. 



Most medical aids are accepted. Please notify me of which medical aid you are with to confirm that I am affiliated with them as well. It is your responsibility to find out if your medical aid plan covers sessions and if this is paid from your savings or a benefit. Medical aid fees are in line with the current medical aid tariffs. The practice accepts payments via the following methods:


Debit/Credit Card

FNB Geo-pay

QR Scan to pay

Frequently Asked Questions

A therapy session typically spans 50-55 minutes. The first / second session is used to gather information about you, your need from therapy, what your expectations are, and a plan going forward. Consent, privacy and confidentiality is discussed so that you are aware of any limits to therapy. General information about your history and demographic information is collected to gain a better understanding of you. You are also free to pose any questions or concerns you may have at any point. It is also important to remember that you need to be comfortable with the therapist and therapeutic space. For whatever reason, if you are not comfortable or feel that this is not a good fit, that is completely ok!

The number of sessions required differs from person to person. This is largely dependent on your reason for attending therapy, frequency of sessions and what you would like to get out of therapy. The therapist may make recommendations, however the decision is completely your own.

Although this may be the common perception, this is incorrect. Psychotherapy can be useful to everyone, even if you do not have a mental illness or significant life adversities. The process of psychotherapy can augment and further develop a more enhanced quality of life.

It’s as simple as doing either of the following:

Filling out the contact form on the website or

Sending an email to or

Call / SMS on 067 091 7038

All Clinical Psychologists are required to be registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). We are required to display this number so that the public can verify our authenticity. This can further be checked on the HPCSA website against a register.

POPIA and Privacy

Information collected on this website will not be shared with third parties without your consent. By filling in the contact form on this page, you consent to providing your information. This information will be used to make contact with you. This information will NOT be used for marketing / spam.

Please contact Veren Gyapersad on for the full POPIA and privacy document if required.



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